Oilly Wallace Quartet

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"It almost defies nature that a youngster of nineteen is capable of playing with such an understanding of the legendary Cannonball Adderley while at the same time playing personal, sparkling here-and-now music", written in national newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

Oilly Wallace Quartet present an honest expression of how they believe acoustic jazz can sound. All having a profound love for the jazz tradition, together they explore the possibilities of bringing the music into our times. The band presents a wide range of emotions in their music, from mellow ballads to energetic up-tempo tunes. The repertoire consists of original tunes by Wallace and Wamberg mixet with a tastefull selection from The American songbook. The four friends are based in the creative music scene in Copenhagen, where they draw inspiration from the rich culture of jazz music that has bloomed since many American musicians moved there in the sixties.


Oilly Wallace Quartet

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Oilly Wallace Quartet

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